Special Guests

We’ve been fortunate enough to interview some rather Fantastic guests over the years on SpeakBeasty! Below are a few notable names as well as the episodes where you can find them.

Ravina Bajwa

We got to talk to Ravina, who works as Senior Commissioner for Audiobooks at Pottermore, on Episode 82! She shared her experiences with us from the set of Crimes of Grindelwald.

Dan Fogler

Best known to the Wizarding World fandom as the man who plays Jacob Kowalski in Fantastic Beasts, Dan was kind enough to stop by for a chat on Episode 28. Other notable appearances include his portrayal of Luke on The Walking Dead and of William Barfee in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, for which he won a Tony Award. 

Peyton Kennedy

Peyton graced us with her presence on Episode 77 due to the fact that she is a major Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts fan. You may recognize her as Betty Nelson on Grey’s Anatomy or as Kate Messner on Everything Sucks!

James Payton

James’s largest claim-to-fame in the Wizarding World Universe is his portrayal of Frank Longbottom in Order of the Phoenix. However, James now works as a stand-in on the Fantastic Beasts films, and we were lucky enough to talk to him about his experiences on set in Episode 76. (You may also recognize him as Hitler from Captain America: The First Avenger, a role he hopes he can reprise in a future Beasts film.)

Chris Rankin

Chris is not only a Potter fan, but he also played Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter films. (You may have seen him as one of the special guests at MuggleNet Live in 2017.) More recently, Chris has been working as a production assistant on shows like Downton Abbey and A Discovery of Witches. He was also our special guest on Episode 86!

Mitchell Thornton

Mitchell stopped by to talk to us on Episode 14 about his work as a background character in Fantastic Beasts! He can also be found as Michael Lowton in the short film Logan, as well as Tom Marvolo Riddle in Voldemort: Origins of the Heir.

Hana Walker-Brown

Hana Walker-Brown is an Executive Producer at Audible, and is the main creative force behind the audiobook Fantastic Beasts: Makers, Mysteries, and Magic. We got to chat with Hana on Episode 82! Be sure to check out some of her other award-winning projects as well.