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Are horses real? Or all horses just people who were turned into horses?


Mentioned in Fantastic Beasts: YES! M.O.M. Classification XXXX
Reported Locations: The waters of Ireland and the United Kingdom
Known Abilities: Water demon; shapeshifting


The Kelpie is a shapeshifting water demon. It often takes the form of a horse with either bulrushes or serpents for a mane. It is often identified by its hooves, which are reversed. It will sometimes also take the form of a handsome young man or a grumpy old woman. The Kelpie will lure people onto its back in order to trap and eat them underwater. It can stretch its back to accommodate multiple riders and also make its skin adhesive to keep its victims attached to its back. Their weakness is silver and iron. The bridle of a kelpie, if taken by a human, can be used to turn people into horses.

Source: Wikipedia


The world’s largest Kelpie is found in Loch Ness, Scotland. Its favourite form is that of a sea serpent. International Confederation of Wizard observers realised that they were not dealing with a true serpent when they saw it turn into an otter on the approach of a team of Muggle investigators and then transform back into a serpent with the coast was clear.

Source: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (book)


Having lured the unwary onto its back, i will dive straight to the bottom of its river or lake and devour the rider, letting the entrails float to the surface. The correct means to overcome a kelpie is to get a bridle over its head with a Placement Carm, which renders it docile and unthreatening.

Source: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (book)