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That should be a Fantastic Beasts movie: they’re just on a boat and they fight the Kraken – Shannen

Wasn’t that, like, the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie? – Eleanor

Yeah! That’s why Johnny Depp is in Fantastic Beasts! – Shannen

Mentioned in Fantastic Beasts: 
Reported Locations: Scandinavia/The Bottom of the Ocean
First Reported: Scandinavian Folklore
Known Abilities: Monstrous size; delicious poo


The Kraken is a monstrous, giant squid-like creature. Its body can grow up to a mile-and-a-half long with even longer tentacles. It has eyes which reach up to 5 ft in diameter with glowing red pupils. It has delicious tasting feces which attracts fish to it. When the fish have surrounded it, it eats them. This also attracts fishermen to it, who attempt to catch the fish.

Source: Wikipedia


Earliest sightings of Kraken are from the late-13th century in a version of the Icelandic saga Örvar-Oddr.

It is the nature of this creature to swallow men and ships, and even whales and everything else within reach.It stays submerged for days, then rears its head and nostrils above the surface and stays that way at least until the change of the tide. Now, that sound we just sailed through was the space between its jaws, and its nostrils and lower jaw were those rocks that appeared in the sea…. Today I sailed through its mouth because I knew that it had recently surfaced.

Source: Wikipedia

It is generally accepted that the Kraken is just a myth, but recent scientific discoveries suggest that a giant tentacled creature could have existed. Ichthyosaurus (giant aquatic reptiles from the Triassic – Cretaceous periods) bones were discovered in curiously ordered rows and some of the bones show signs of having been constricted, as if by a tentacle. It isn’t conclusive evidence, but if the Ichthyosaurus could be caught and eaten by a tentacled creature, perhaps that creature was a Kraken.



The giant squid, found in the Great Lake at Hogwarts, is quite possibly related to the mythical Kraken. An actual giant squid would not be able to survive in freshwater, in such a low-pressure body of water, or in a space in which it cannot consume its standard diet. One possible explanations for the appearance of the Giant Squid at Hogwarts includes the known portal through water that Durmstrang used to travel to the Triwizard tournament. The giant squid could potentially transport itself to more habitable waters when it isn’t searching for bread, or saving Dennis Creevey. It could also just be magic.