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The fruit salad of creatures. It has a little bit of everything. – Elayna

Mentioned in Fantastic Beasts: 
Reported Locations: Tarascon, France
First Reported: 48AD
Known Abilities: Chimaera-like appearance; burns everything it touches


The Tarasque is a dragon-like hybrid. It has a lion’s head, six short legs like a bear, and an ox-like body covered with a turtle shell. It has a scaly tail that ends in a scorpion’s sting.

Source: Wikipedia


According to legend, the Tarasque had been terrorizing the towns of ancient France when a local king decided to stop it. His knights and warriors could not stop the beast so Saint Martha found and charmed the Tarasque. She led it back to the city, and even though the Tarasque was tame and offered no resistance, the villagers attacked and killed it. Sorry for what they had done to the Tarasque, they named the city Tarascon, and to this day the Tarasque remains an important symbol and part of life in Tarascon, France.

Source: Wikipedia