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“Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience” Invites Guests To Explore A Magical Woodland In New York

SpeakBeasty was invited to walk through Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience in New York ahead of the event's opening night. Take a look at some of the magical moments that await guests along the trail!

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Episode 106: G Does Not Stand For Gryffindor

Join hosts Ann, Lizzie S, and Shannen as they discuss continuity in the Fantastic Beasts films. How do you feel about these continuity errors at this point? Are you still feeling furious? Or are you able to laugh them off as time goes on between films? If it is the former, which makes you the angriest?

By |2020-02-18T10:18:58-05:00February 9th, 2020|Ann, Lizzie S., Shannen|0 Comments

Episode 91: Mildly Interesting People and How to Make Sure They’re Okay

Join hosts Amy, Lizzie, and Michael, as well as special guest, Mike Schubert of Potterless as they discuss the similarities and differences between Potter and Beasts. Does Fantastic Beasts stand alone as a series? Find out more!

By |2019-07-17T11:55:28-04:00July 14th, 2019|Amy, Crossovers, Lizzie S., Michael|0 Comments


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