We put the sass in Sasquatch.

Join SpeakBeasty, a MuggleNet.com podcast, as we journey through the Fantastic Beasts saga, leading in-depth discussions which theorize and reflect on the magical world during the interwar era.

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Our episodes are released bi-weekly on Sundays, and recent topics cover everything from whether dementors poop to whether the cultural representation in the series has been adequate, and everything in between!

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“Best podcast in the world. You can feel they love what they talk about and the chemistry between the hosts is amazing. Always looking forward to the new episodes days before.”

– Sophie

“I love the blend of opinions (really makes you think), and taking a bit of time out to listen to people (although they kind of feel like friends now) discuss in depth something that I love is so therapeutic.”

– Jennifer

“SpeakBeasty is more than just a podcast. I found a place within this group of lovely hosts and listeners that is full of like-minded, caring people that are so much fun to be with! Definitely worth to support on Patreon and become an actual part of the discussions and make new friends that are just as nerdy as you are!”

– Melanie

“You can have in depth, smart and passionate conversation without taking yourself too seriously. SpeakBeasty is the best example of that! As listeners, we feel welcome in a safe place with a lovely group of hosts where everyone is just like Newt: curious, open to the world and lovingly quirky.”
– Marjolaine

Upcoming Events

There’s nothing we love more than meeting up and discussing all things Newt with our Beasties! Below are details on where you can find us next.
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Join MuggleNet, the #1 Wizarding World Resource Since 1999, for “An Evening in the Pensieve,” a progressive dance party in honor of our 20th anniversary. We will kick off the night with the hottest jams from the year of our founding, progress through the 2000s and 2010s, and close out with the chart-toppers of today.

Put on your finest cocktail attire or dress robes, dust off your dancing shoes, and join us for an evening of well-mannered frivolity in a private, fully themed chamber of platinum and blue. There will be plenty of photo ops, including a photo booth equipped to supply you with enough Patronus-level memories for years to come. Plenty of surprises are in store as well, some so big that they would shock the tea cozy right off of a house-elf.

Don’t forget about the special guests! Our VIP section is bound to be chock-full of your favorite wizarding world personalities, as well as some of our favorite famous fans.

The glamor of the Yule Ball meets the energy of a Quidditch match in a night of cocktails, dancing, and reminiscing. It’s an event you cannot miss! Tickets to this exclusive event are very limited, so act now.

General admission will include:

  • Opportunities to win merchandise
  • Two and a half hours of dancing
  • DJ playing all your favorite hits from 1999 to today
  • Magical photo booth
  • Cash bar
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