Episode 25: Needs More Graves

In which we deliver more initial reactions to the film, go over some fantastic listener theories, and get really excited about Erumpents. All this and more on Epiosde 25 of SpeakBeasty!

Episode 24: Newt Has No Chill

Fantastic Beasts IS HERE and our hosts share our first spoiler filled episode on what they thought of the first installment of the series.

Episode 23: Breaking the Third Wall

In which we discuss how French history could inform the story of the second Fantastic Beasts film and whether or not wizards of the 1920s would have voted!

Episode 22: Five Movies and Lots of Feels

In which we delve into theories about Graves and his connections to Grindelwald, pore over details of the new character posters, and hear Claire and Sophie discuss the first ten minutes of the film!

Episode 21: High on Billywigs

In which we discuss our upcoming appearance at New York Comic Con, interviews with the cast from MuggleNet’s Fantastic Beasts set visit, and the “unique” effects of being stung by a Billywig.

Episode 20: Newt Shot First

In which we discuss what constitutes canon in the Fantastic Beasts universe, and learn more about the sad cinnamon roll of a creature that is the Squonk.

Episode 19: Queenie Abducted by Aliens

In which we look back on everything we’ve learned so far about the upcoming Fantastic Beasts films and share their feelings about being less than 100 days away from release.

Episode 18: Bits of Scoop

In which we discuss Queenie’s Legilimency skills, what’s to come beyond the first Fantastic Beasts film, and how magical dancing cows are actually aliens.

Episode 17: Don’t Be a Gytrash

In which we break down the official trailer from San Diego Comic-Con, discuss a TON of exciting news, and talk prohibition and the SUPER creepy Gytrash. Catch up with all the latest news and plenty of SpeakBeasty shenanigans on Episode 17!