Episode 177: Sometimes It’s Got To Be PAF

This time on SpeakBeasty…

  • Happy Memorial Day weekend to our US weekend, or if you’re in France, happy Pentecost!
  • Thanks to this week’s Patreon supporter, the family of Mike McDonald. We miss you, Mike.
  • Phoenix Register: WB has released an anime-themed set of Harry Potter merch that includes Newt! Give it a look here
  • More theme park news courtesy of ✨️Shannen✨️!! Some of the contractors who worked on Forbidden Journey are back, including the creators of the Kuka arm! More info here.
  • Owl Post: Sal writes in about what might have been in Newt’s case.
  • We question the composition of hippogriff, uh, ‘leavings.’
  • Main Discussion: Scenes 87 – 90 of the screenplay 
  • “Oooh, ASMR, book pages.”
  • Was Dumbledore a Seeker?
  • We really thought the Snitch was important. 
  • David Yates makes us EVEN SADDER
  • “It’s giving Old Yeller.”
  • Shannen declares their mortal enemy.
  • Credence’s cause of death: too much cardio (#relatable)
  • Newtcase: MOTHMAN 
  • “That is. .. two pages. Eleven-point font. Single spaced.”
  • Marjolaine lands the single most solid burn on Ann EVER.
  • And his French twin, Night Butterfly Man
  • More about Mothman: the statue, the museum, the Other Mothman

Podcast Question: How would you have wanted Queenie and Jacob’s reunion to go?

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