Episode 10: A Niffler Named Pastries

Hosts Ariel, Shannen, and Sophie are joined once again by guest host Michael as we delve into an in-depth discussion of the latest Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trailer! Listen in for theories about Newt’s expulsion, what scenes we’re most excited for, and getting outrageously excited about baby Nifflers.

EPISODE 10 | A Niffler Named Pastries


This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Sophie and Michael are back!
→ “The Phoenix Register”: TEASER TRAILER TIME!
→ We knew Poké Balls were involved…
→ The costumes are CGI. Eddie Redmayne is a hologram.
→ What’s up with Newt’s expulsion?
→ Introducing WizJazz sensation Ariel and the Sasquatch Five
→ A case of unlimited cupcakes?
→ The danger levels of magical exposure.
→ Some good points about newspapers.
→ “The Time-Turner”: Ogg and Hagrid’s Incredible Adventures!

→ “The Newt Case”: Fluffy, adorable, cozy Nifflers.
→ “I am Pastries! Give me all your gold!”
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