Episode 77: Make Hufflepuff Cool Again

Join Amy and Ariel as they discuss our favorite ‘Puff with special guest Peyton Kennedy!

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ You probably know Peyton from her role as Kate Messner on Everything Sucks!, or as Betty on Grey’s Anatomy. But most importantly, she’s a huge Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts fan.
→ It’s the Puffiest episode ever.
→ A lot of controversy over hoots and flapping.
Owl Post: Responses to Episode 75’s podcast question! Why do fans say they liked this movie even though they had major problems with it? 
→ Movie 3: Return of the Shaws
→ Just make another movie that shows their daily lives together. 
→ We are still angry about Queenie. 
→ Do Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts have two different audiences?
Main Discussion: Our deep dive into Newt’s character!
→ “He’s so awkward. It’s fantastic.” 
→ It’s great to see a male character who is able to be vulnerable.
→ “You’re doing amazing, sweetie.”
→ Will the movies stay focused on Newt and “the quartet?”
→ “If Newt leaves, we riot.”
→ “The goodest person ever.”
Time Turner: History of the Times Square ball drop!

Podcast Question: What do you think is in store for Newt’s character in the upcoming films?

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