This time on SpeakBeasty

  • It’s SPOOKBEASTY season again!
  • Phoenix Register: new merch! Secrets of Dumbledore Loungefly collection. 
  • The Royal Ontario Museum is hosting a SPOOKTACULAR Fantastic Beasts themed event on 10/28. Canadian listeners, go and report back!
  • Owl Post: Jeri writes in about Vogel’s possible involvement in Grindelwald’s escape.
  • Main Discussion: Scenes 25-29 of the screenplay
  • Berlin = cold..
  • “I just … I just wanna go to the station where my friends Newt and Theseus were” 🥺
  • We discuss new ship names for Newt/Bunty. Maybe “Booooooo-t?” 
  • Vogel does not get to be benign in THAT coat.
  • Geoff breaches the Multiverse of Magic.
  • We need German Ministry of Magic merch, please!!
  • There’s a brief discussion of vexillology.
  • Peaceful as in non-violent, not peaceful as in sleepy.
  • Theseus is notorious (and cute)
  • Time-Turner: the history of trick-or-treating! 
  • Children used to carry burning effigies. Trick-or-treating used to be so cool.
  • If you’re gonna give out historically accurate treats, you’re gonna get egged.

Podcast Question: What are your headcanons about the Wizarding World in Germany or your hometown?