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  • Welcome to our VERY SPECIAL guest, Victoria Yeates! Victoria portrayed Bunty Broadacre in the Fantastic Beasts films!
  • We gladly welcome any opportunity to talk about Bunty.
  • Thanks to our Patreon sponsor this week, BellaBee!
  • Victoria talks her wild audition experience and who she auditioned with.
  • Which Fantastic Beasts movie does she like best?
  • She also reveals which set we’ll likely never see at the Studio Tour.
  • “It was like Groundhog Day.”
  • We love to see different archetypes represented on screen.
  • #givebuntyalovestory2k23
  • Tweeds! Sleeves! Unexpected costuming challenges!
  • It’s confirmed: Bunty is a Hufflepuff!
  • Whose nonsense is Bunty completely over?
  • Victoria needs the guinea pig in the scene with her.
  • We discover an unused filming location.

Podcast Question: Which Fantastic Beasts film set would you like to see in the studio tour or the theme parks?

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