Episode 18: Bits of Scoop

Join hosts Ariel, Eleanor, Megan, and Shannen for a discussion on Queenie’s Legilimency skills, what’s to come beyond the first Fantastic Beasts film, and how magical dancing cows are actually aliens.

EPISODE 18: Bits of Scoop

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Eleanor and Megan join us!
→ “The Phoenix Register”: Lots of bits of scoop!
→ We’ll be at New York Comic Con!
→ Beast plushies and possible parks!
→ What’s up with Credence?
→ Invoking nostalgic excitement = feels
“Could be a giant rolling octopus…”
→ The abstract nature of Legilimency
→ Queenie and Newt should be BFFs.
→ Fantastic Beasts 3: The Great Emu War
→ “The Time-Turner”: 1920s literature!
→ Winnie the Pooh and the death of the American dream
→ “The Newt Case”: The adorable, awkward mooncalf!
“They just want to dance!”

PODCAST QUESTION: Do you think Credence possesses magical abilities? Why or why not?

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