Episode 24: Newt Has No Chill

AT LAST! Hosts Ariel, Lizzie, Megan, Michael, and Shannen are here with a SPOILER-FILLED episode now that Fantastic Beasts is in theaters! Only listen if you are ready to jump right in for spoilers galore about the first installment of the series. You’ve been warned.

Episode 24: Newt Has No Chill

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ The game has changed on midnight releases.
→ “It felt like going home…”
→ “It’s a better movie because it was MADE to be a movie.”
 Zootopia: A Fantastic Beasts prequel?
→ “Your mom’s an Erumpent!”
Fantastic Beasts pick-up lines.
→ Newt’s dance. The new bend and snap?
→ #JusticeForCredence
→ Haircuts spoil everything.
→ “Shut up, BERNADETTE!”
→ Emotionally destroyed by wand umbrellas.
→ “Make it rain, Frank!”

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