Episode 37: Manic Pixie Dream Wizard

Hosts Elayna, Megan, and Michael are here for a discussion on the deadliest beast in the book, heroes of the 1920s and ’30s, and to debate who makes for a better protagonist, Newt Scamander or Harry Potter?

Episode 37: Manic Pixie Dream Wizard

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ “We’ve been here before…”
→ The Phoenix Register: 
CDs are here to make us feel old.
→ “For sure and seven years ago.”
→ Send Ariel graduation smash cakes.
→ Every permutation of 19 years later…
→ Johnny Depp feels lucky, but do we?
→ How we relate to Harry and Newt is different, but the same.
→ Casual reminder that Jo isn’t a casting director.
→ Cursed what? Cursed who?
→ “Theseus, Theseus, Theseussss!”
→ Filch is here to sweep and be angry.
→ The Time-Turner:
Heroes of the 20s & 30s!
→ Mary Poppins is a Time Lady.
→ The Newt Case: 
The nundu!
→ “The most lethal-gonna-kill-ya beast.”
→ “That is quite some halitosis.”
→ Fantastic Beasts and the Return of Frank.

PODCAST QUESTION: Do you think Newt Scamander was, is, or will be a “better protagonist” than Harry Potter?

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