Join Elayna, along with guest hosts Aurelia, Igor, and Katy, for Episode 36! This episode, we discuss the rumored casting of Callum Turner, the potential House of Theseus Scamander, German history, and a Brazilian beast!

Episode 36: ALL the Houses

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Guest hosts, galore!
The Phoenix Register: Newt’s patronus?!
→ Is the patronus Leta? Tina’s hat? Graves?
→ Discount Buckbeak and Baby Groot.
→ “Don’t say magic is the reason!”
→ Callum Turner as Thesues?
→ Jo still doesn’t know how to math.
→ Theseus is in ALL the Houses!
→ “Salazar Slytherin was kind of an a-hole.”
→ “Legit wizard, or nah?”
→ Were Leta and Theseus friends?
→ The Time-Turner
: Germany leading up to WWII.
→ History is scary, sometimes.
The Newt Case: The Brazilian caipora!
→ “Here! I lit your cigar, now go away!”

PODCAST QUESTION: Which House do you think Theseus was in and why?

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