Episode 136: Give Us Goats

Join hosts Amy, Lizzie, and Marjolaine for a discussion about “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.” What secrets is the title referring to and which Dumbledore is keeping them?

Episode 106: G Does Not Stand For Gryffindor

Join hosts Ann, Lizzie S, and Shannen as they discuss continuity in the Fantastic Beasts films. How do you feel about these continuity errors at this point? Are you still feeling furious? Or are you able to laugh them off as time goes on between films? If it is the former, which makes you the angriest?

Episode 87: Sounds Icky

Join hosts Ariel, Megan, and special guest, Craig as they discuss “what the deal is” with the blood pact. How do you think Dumbledore will ultimately break it?

Episode 66: All The Feels

Hosts Aureo and Michael are joined by a special guest from the SpeakBeasty Social Media team, Cherise! Join us as we discuss the lack of news, owls from Germany and our new movie countdown segment. This time on SpeakBeasty: → The Phoenix Register: No News Wednesday – Michael is on, so the curse is back…