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  • It’s Ann’s birthday! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday as well to Alison Sudol (12/23) and Jude Law (12/29).
  • Thanks to our Patreon sponsor for this week, Robert! 
  • Phoenix Register: we have a trailer!! There’s a bonus episode with a shot-by-shot breakdown!
  • There was also a teaser trailer for the trailer.
  • Amy can’t be expected to know EVERY bridge.
  • We also have two new cast members on IMDb!
  • Wizards have elections!
  • Owl Post: Albert writes to us about the mysterious kingdom of Bhutan.
  • Main Discussion: Aberforth Dumbledore!
  • There is a deeply uncomfortable mutual thirst for Aberforth.
  • Ann reveals her Dumbledore dream cast.
  • Could Aberforth be the avenger with wings from the water?
  • He’s got those younger sibling vibes.
  • Maybe teenagers shouldn’t have wands.
  • There are so many secret passages in Hogsmeade.
  • Finding Albus is not Aberforth’s job.
  • Newtcase: the Snallygaster.
  • “That’s not a legend, we know that guy!”

Podcast Question: Why do you think the squad is meeting at the Hog’s Head?

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