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  • Happy 2023, Beasties!
  • Thanks to our Patreon supporter this week, Alicia!
  • Phoenix Register: 
  • Secrets of Dumbledore was short-listed for an Oscar nomination for visual effects! Nominations are released on 1/24.
  • Harry Potter: The Exhibition is coming to Paris on 4/1. 
  • There’s some new stuff in Harry Potter: Magic at Play too. 
  • Owl Post: Owl-bert sends good vibes for the new year! 
  • We’re crossing time and space. 
  • Main Discussion: Scenes 45-47 for the screenplay 
  • Teenagers: always mirror-texting.
  • Kama: 🎶don’t be suspicious🎶
  • What’s the connection between Leta and Vinda?
  • Kama is grieving Leta. Theseus is fine.
  • Shannen finds a fascinating parallel for Leta and Kama.
  • “The man in the dapper hat fled across Berlin, and the Obscurial followed.”
  • #GiveCredenceAScarf
  • Amy LOVES reflections.
  • “Do you know what it’s like to not have your husband Aberforth know he’s married to you?”
  • Shannen: And, like, they’re good at acting?
  • Time Turner: Befana, the Christmas Witch!
  • “I gotta organize my sock drawer.”

Podcast Question: What do you think happens between Kama and Queenie at Nurmengard?

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