Episode 67: Aren’t We All Afraid of Paperwork?

Hosts Amy and Megan are joined by a special guest, Elayna! Join us as we discuss all the news from San Diego Comic-Con, including a detailed trailer breakdown!

This time on SpeakBeasty:

The Phoenix Register: All the news from San Diego Comic-Con!
→ Is WB trying to copy Marvel?
→ “Those lady’s things, they really do get to you.”
→ The trailer is so long, Megan is not allowed to be angry.
→ “Hogwarts just has the one wardrobe.”
→ Both the film and the creatures get darker and scarier.
→ “Credence has ‘a dark alleys’ esthetic.”
→ Stay tuned for “Megan on a T-Shirt.”
→ “This is Dumbledore.”
→ “Grindelwald’s vision needs a narrator.”
→ All about the Mirror of Erised – what does Dumbledore actually see?
→ “In that moment, Newt was all of us.”
→  Igor is the boss.
→  Is Nicolas Flamel just a quip?

Podcast Question: Who is the man in the hat? What are your theories and ideas on the trailer?

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