Hosts Lizzie and Shannen are here to welcome SpeakBeasty’s newest host, Haley Lewis! Join the three of them as they discuss the awesomeness that was MuggleNet Live!, delve into some wild theories about Nicolas Flamel, and talk about the origin of the Quidditch snitch, the Golden Snidget!

Episode 45: Justice for Snidgets


This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Welcome Haley to the show!
The Phoenix Register: Filming scenes at Hogwarts?
→ Apparently, we STILL need more Graves.
→ We want to see Nicolas Flamel.
→ “Look at this shiny rock I got!”
→ Does Grindelwald want the Philosopher’s Stone?
→ “That’s a pretty rock, but OLIVER WOOD!”
→ “Not with my pastries!”
→ Too many baguettes.
→ Giant baby Madame Maxime.
→ “So Veelas are okay because the patriarchy?”
→ “I wonder if Newt likes bananas.”
The Newt Case: The Golden Snidget!
→ #JusticeForSnidgets

PODCAST QUESTION: Who of the characters we discussed would you like to see in Paris in the second film, and would you classify Veela as beings or beasts?

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