Episode 45: Justice for Snidgets

Hosts Lizzie and Shannen are here to welcome SpeakBeasty’s newest host, Haley Lewis! Join the three of them as they discuss the awesomeness that was MuggleNet Live!, delve into some wild theories about Nicolas Flamel, and talk about the origin of the Quidditch snitch, the Golden Snidget!

Episode 45: Justice for Snidgets


This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Welcome Haley to the show!
The Phoenix Register: Filming scenes at Hogwarts?
→ Apparently, we STILL need more Graves.
→ We want to see Nicolas Flamel.
→ “Look at this shiny rock I got!”
→ Does Grindelwald want the Philosopher’s Stone?
→ “That’s a pretty rock, but OLIVER WOOD!”
→ “Not with my pastries!”
→ Too many baguettes.
→ Giant baby Madame Maxime.
→ “So Veelas are okay because the patriarchy?”
→ “I wonder if Newt likes bananas.”
The Newt Case: The Golden Snidget!
→ #JusticeForSnidgets

PODCAST QUESTION: Who of the characters we discussed would you like to see in Paris in the second film, and would you classify Veela as beings or beasts?

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This episode was originally posted to MuggleNet.com.

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  1. Liz K. says:

    Great theories!
    Wouldn’t there theoretically have to be male and female Veelas for reproducing? I mean maybe not but you would think?


  2. Diskid says:

    To start off with, my video game nerding here!, in the Quidditch World Cup video game; the golden snidget is part of the seeker challenge. One has escaped onto the field and whatever seeker is on the team you picked has been asked to catch it. They’re also available as a wizard card once you’ve collected the rest of them 🙂

    For my discussion: I am with you on the Philosopher’s Stone. I do not understand why it took 6 centuries to decide it was better off destroyed. Especially as much of that time was during some very dark times and you are never going to get me to believe that was the first time somebody tried to steal it from Nicholas Flamel. It’s too valuable. We also don’t have information on exactly what the limitations of the stone are. I remember, until JK Rowling confirmed you needed to keep drinking it, people were arguing that Flamel shouldn’t have died in the first place because immortal literally means you *never* die.

    If you can die after you run out of it, then it’s not really immortal in the literal sense. It has limitations. I’ll assume, off of my own opinion, that perhaps it grants you immunity from bodily illnesses as fact is that really is what kills most elderly people. Their bodily organs tire out from years of work and succumbs to an illness their body is now too tired to fight. It’s either that or the potion makes their body capable of fighting it off and wins every time. But I don’t think this is the case as I imagine, with how worn out the body would be after 600 years, this would be incredibly painful and Flamel would probably decide death is better than, say, constant heart pain. So I’ll give it that perhaps it’ll keep him from getting sick. It’s probably good for your body, especially if it can bring a mangled body like Voldemort’s back.

    However, does it grant you immunity from accidents or manslaughter? Was Flamel not worried about anybody stealing it from him for the longest time because Avada Kedavra wouldn’t kill him? (If anybody tried it on Flamel, it’s not known as it’s made pretty clear Harry Potter is the only known person to survive the killing curse). Or what if Flamel were to have a long, potentially fatal, fall? Does the elixir protect him from that? Can you even feel any pain with it? If somebody tried the cruciatus curse on him, to make him blab where the stone is, would it have no effect?

    I’m thinking for Flamel to honestly not think this stone was better off destroyed, as many people would love to steal it from him, that the answer is yes the potion protects you from both bodily illness and injury as long as you keep drinking it. Only explanation I can think of for him to not worry about it falling into the wrong hands is he was too confident it wouldn’t be stolen from him as nobody could kill him for it or torture him for information. In this case; I can see how Flamel wasn’t worried about it until Voldemort was around as he is regarded as the most dangerous dark wizard of all time. Might not want to risk it with a wizard as bad as that around!


  3. Sowelu says:

    I think that Veelas should be considered humans, not creatures.


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