Episode 59: Get on Our Level

Join hosts Amy, Haley, and Lizzie for an in-depth trailer discussion, from the perspective of three hosts with degrees in communications and media. Listen in as they break down the shots, lighting, and mood of the trailer, and wax nostalgic about the good ‘ole days of Pottermore.

Episode 59: Get on Our Level

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Shortest intro ever.
The Phoenix Register: THAT TRAILER THOUGH.
→ “What are they hiding from the Americans?!”
→ Portkey travel hair’s a thing.
→ “Thanks to Haley’s mating call…”
→ “Witch things! It’s fine!”
→ Is Queenie colluding with the Murtlap?
→ Coincidence? NEVER!
→ “It’s marketing, people! Marketing!”
→ The Avengers are Hedwig.
→ Basically a Hogwarts travel ad.
→ “Serious business at Hogwarts.”
→ Gryffindor’s back in town.
The Time-Turner: WB’s first talking film!
→ “Now we can’t shut up!”
→ Oops, we’re a Hamilton podcast again…

Podcast Question: How do you think apparation will play into the next film given all the hype surrounding it right now


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This episode was originally posted to MuggleNet.com.

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