Episode 75: How to Be a Fan

Join hosts Aureo, Michael, and Shannen as they break down their reactions to Crimes of Grindelwald!

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Aurelia may or may not be happy about her name finally being in the Potterverse.
→ The Kelpie’s name is Ariel.
The Phoenix Register: Newt Scamander is autistic! We are excited!
→ This is THAT episode, listeners.
Owl Post: Grindelwald lies!!!
→ Will the Credence missing identity thread continue?
→ “One of these things is not like the other.”
→ Aurelia did not feel sad when Leta died.
→ Could it be possible that Leta is not dead?
→ Moral Event Horizons
→ This is an Infinity War podcast.
→ “I know he kills a baby, but the Chupacabra!”
→ “We’re Americans. Sometimes we clap at movies.”
→ “Rowling is not the auteur of this film – Yates is.”
→ “Don’t let the corporation behind the Wizarding World tell you how to be a fan.”

Podcast Question: Why do fans who have legitimate complaints about the film still say they liked it?

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