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  • Hosts Amy, Helene, Lizzie, and Megan welcome back very special guest, Dan Fogler!
  • We learn about Squolphins, the newest Fantastic Beast, and also the baked ziti to end all baked ziti’s.
  • “I’m very heterosexual, but that man has very hypnotic, kryptonian, crystalline blue eyeballs.”
  • Next time you talk to Jude Law, ask him to sing you a sea shanty.
  • Owl Post: How many red herrings is too many red herrings?
  • “When you’re acting these scenes, you call upon past relationships where you really wanted things to work out and they didn’t – it’s just so hard.”
  • “Grindelwald’s best ability is that he collects the most powerful people.”
  • “They’d be slaves with benefits!”
  • “Hold on, hold on, wait. I’m Corvus?”
  • Capybaras are not the same as Chupacabras.
  • “They had hamsters in full green screen unitards.”
  • “It’s amazing to be able to continue a character and grow with it – it’s like a living entity.”
  • “I’m gonna be nifflin’ right next to ya.”
  • Kowalski’s Korner: Check out Dan Fogler’s 4D XPerience Podcast! Also find Dan at LeakyCon Boston and NYCC.

Podcast Question: Do you think Queenie is under a spell, or is she convinced by Grindelwald?

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