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  • Good news! Rex is only 27.
  • Lizzie now works with Richard and Emily Gilmore.
  • “Let’s Register some Phoenixes!”
  • Thank you for your support for our Trans Rights Fundraiser! We raised over $6,000. Your merch should be arriving very soon, if it hasn’t already.
  • Owl Post: Who does Tycho Dodonus’s prophecy refer to? And why do wizards love roofs so much?
  • “You tryin’ to make a Bran joke right now?”
  • “If you have the three D’s, what else do you need?” “A boat.”
  • “This episode’s got everything! It’s got Disney conspiracies. It’s got Rugrats. It’s got Renesmee.”
  • “Wizard iTunes is a real thing, just like Wizard Starbucks.”
  • “That’s smart thinking, if you ever do a baby swap.”
  • Credence is Peter Parker.
  • *Attraction to Theseus intensifies*
  • Who would win? Wizards or guns?

Podcast Question: Do we think Nagini is a pureblood, and if so, would that have impacted Voldemort’s relationship with her? What do you think of her implying that she and Credence would be hunted for sport?

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