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  • Episode 123: That’s more than 100!
  • Phoenix RegisterFantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature at London’s Natural History Museum. Tickets available Nov. 12
  • Owl Post: xoxo – Gossip Girl
  • Main Discussion: Deep dive into the film credits! (Just kidding!!)
  • Discussing possible locations in Brazil for FaBe 3 and possible “Beasty” appearances based on location.
  • Shannen’s next dog will be named “Loaf.”
  • IMBD has named a new cast member- German Muggle #24
  • Dugbog- a log that’ll bite your head off
  • Clabbert- a monkey frog
  • Lethifold- sneaky shadows
  • Will pink dolphins make an appearance?
  • The Brazilian Revolution in 1930: Will this be FaBe 3’s political upheaval?
  • Time Turner: US and UK voting history!

Podcast Question: What is driving the films to Brazil?

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