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  • We welcome Common Room and social media team guest host, Geoff!
  • “If you can’t have a good time saying ‘Pukwudgie,’ I don’t know how to help you.”
  • Owl Post: How do you take something that is not a sentient being and give it some level of consciousness? Plus, DisKid makes us cry.
  • We wrap up our Crimes of Grindelwald breakdown with the very last section of the film.
  • “He should write a book about that!”
  • Where was the blood vial when Grindelwald was in prison?
  • Do we agree that Jacob cannot see Hogwarts?
  • Geoff has a sneaky theory about how Travers Jr. ends up on the dark side.
  • Loyalty tests are a lot like COVID tests.

Podcast Question: Now that we finished watching the film, did your opinion about it change? What are your favorite theories?

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