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  • Welcome to SpeakBOOsty season!
  • The Phoenix Register: Filming has started. Sets being rebuilt and reused, and new COVID rules for filming.
  • Jude Law’s beard is glorious! Could this be WB’s way of showing a time gap between movies 2 and 3? Or is he simply becoming one with Dumbledore’s character?
  • Humans can be a bunch of dumb herd animals.
  • Jack Sparrow vibes? Or “Johnny Depp plays yet another pale weirdo” vibes?
  • “Violence is not the answer.” That is our new political statement. Is that a political statement? Welcome to 2020.
  • Why would you run if you could apparate? Wouldn’t that come with some level of hollering while apparating?
  • Protego Diabolica. Are we just making up things now?
  • Whose hug is creepier? Grindy with Credence, or Voldy with Draco?
  • There’s a love triangle here. Read the room, Grindy.
  • Zoe Kravitz, a secret gateway between Batman filming and FaBe2?
  • Marjolaine gives us an awesome alchemy interpretation of the “finete” fire scene.

Podcast Question: Do you think that the fire or Grindewald determined who to save and who to destroy? If the fire, how do you think that was determined? If Grindelwald, how did he protect his followers?

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