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  • Doing that Geoff shuffle.
  • Our Patreon sponsor this week is Roger B! Thanks, Roger!
  • Phoenix Register: WB holds a Fantastic Beasts fan event in Japan.
  • Can one of Dumbledore’s secrets really be the biggest in the Wizarding world?
  • Marjolaine is our Japan cub reporter.
  • We’re getting a Harry Potter reunion special on HBO! 
  • MuggleNet sources confirm there will be a Fantastic Beasts area in Epic Universe at Universal Orlando!
  • “Avatar as in the blue people, not the good cartoon.”
  • Eddie Redmayne admits he wouldn’t take on the role of Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl again.
  • Owl Post: our Common Room suggests what kind of adventures they’d like to see Newt get up to in Bhutan.
  • Someone definitely said a thing.
  • Main Discussion: Who Interacts With Who?
  • We love Dan Fogler because he gives us so much information. 
  • At the 7:07:37 mark, you can hear Mads and Dan chatting about Jacob and Grindelwald here. 
  • Tina or Theseus don’t appear in any of the confirmed scenes!
  • “Why do all these boys want to kill me?!”
  • Grindelwald can’t be EVERYONE’S friend.
  • The battles could potentially just get more and more epic!
  • We hope people slip up soon so we have more information. 
  • The Secrets of Dumbledore Santa Gift Exchange! 
  • Geoff pulls character names out of a hat and we give them gifts.
  • “The holidays are a good fun time. Talkin’ ’bout dead fiancées.”

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Podcast Question: Which characters would you like to see have scenes together in Secrets of Dumbledore?

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