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  • Happy Pride from all of us at SpeakBeasty! 
  • Thanks to our Patreon supporter this week, Jamie!
  • Phoenix Register: Secrets of Dumbledore is available on streaming and the DVD is out 6/28!
  • Universal debuted dark chocolate Chocolate Frogs, perfect for Lizzie to drink red wine with.
  • Owl Post: Yael, Jan, and Martina write in and share their thoughts on Credence, Jacqueenie, and embarrassing fan videos.
  • Amy has Owl Post directly addressed to her! It’s a birthday month miracle!
  • We’re all fired.
  • Main discussion: the one, the only, Eulalie Hicks!
  • The interview Amy references throughout is here.
  • Can we please go to Wizard Harlem?
  • Lizzie isn’t pronouncing Millettia laurentii. More information here.
  • “We date, and then we’re still friends, and then we married a pair of brothers.”
  • We get to make up multiple ship names. So much power.
  • Newtcase: fire crabs!
  • We just want to gently give lettuce to sparkly turtles.
  • Where are the fire crab plushies??
  • It’s SpiceBeasty tonight, apparently.

Podcast Question: What are you most interested to learn about Eulalie in future films?

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