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  • Welcome to our special guest, Chris! 
  • Thanks to our Patreon Supporter this week, Jen M.! 
  • Phoenix Register: America is not the entire world. 
  • Secrets of Dumbledore is releasing on DVD/Blu-Ray in France on 8/24.
  • It’s also performing very well on HBO Max!
  • A new Harry Potter experience, Harry Potter: Magic at Play is opening this fall, potentially in Chicago. 
  • The SDCC-exclusive Zouwu Loungefly backpack is very cute.
  • Owl post: no owls 🙁 send us your thoughts!
  • Main Discussion: The election: what happened and how can we fix it?
  • “Wizards just perceive time differently.”
  • What year is it?? Maybe we discover an answer.
  • We want all the lore, please.
  • Wizarding elections are extremely complicated. 
  • New theory about what happened in Florida in 2000 just dropped.
  • The German newspaper we use as reference can be seen here
  • Grindelwald’s playing 4-D chess and we’re just trying keep up.
  • Do Tao and Dumbledore know each other? Can we have more of that?
  • You can’t hate Muggles if you’re wearing a sharp suit.
  • “And now, the fanfiction portion of the show.”
  • Leave it to Marjolaine to come up with a gorgeous, cinematic magical voting system. 
  • SpeakBeasty officially endorses Santos.*
  • *according to Ann. This is not actually a dictatorship.
  • If you want more Chris content, you can follow him on Twitter @chrislysy, on Instagram @lysyc12 (cute dog pics!), or go to his website

Podcast Question: We created a magical voting system. How do you think wizards would vote?

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