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  • New segment idea: Shannen vs Geoff
  • Thanks to our Patreon sponsor this week, Lucy!
  • Phoenix Register: Mads Mikkelsen:  Johnny Depp “could” come back as Grindelwald?
  • Secrets of Dumbledore is out for home consumption in France! Finalmente!
  • WB has also launched a new website with information on where French people can stream the Potter movies… kinda
  • Owl Post: leslecturesdepopy comments on Instagram about their dream behind-the-scenes content, and Jerri shares amazing merch finds
  • Main Discussion: Scenes 15 – 19 of the screenplay!
  • Fantastic Beasts: The men are sad and the ladies are aggressively competent.
  • Queenie is uncomfortable and Credence is unsurprised.
  • Like the cheese, the bride stands alone
  • Spicy take: Jacob Kowalski is ALSO sad!
  • “Make it work, Jacob Kowalski!”
  • Maybe Jacob’s bakery is in trouble because he’s charging TWO CENTS for a PĄCZKI.
  • No-Maj Movie Magic: Bryn Court, a sculptor! 
  • See his work at
  • His Potter work includes the chess pieces in Philosopher’s Stone and the Whomping Willow.
  • He’s also done much sculptural work at the Wizarding World theme parks!
  • Some possible hints for Queenie ended up on the cutting room floor.

Podcast Question: Which statue from the Fantastic Beasts films would you like to see in Epic Universe?

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