This time on SpeakBeasty

  • The Core Four are back! 
  • Thank you to this week’s iconic Patreon supporter, Sophie!
  • Phoenix Register: We’re getting closer to having wizard duels at Universal!
  • Put it on the calendar: SpeakBeasty meet-up at Epic Universe, Ann and Amy are dueling.
  • Vegan Butterbeer is also available at Universal Orlando and Hollywood!
  • The Hogwarts Legacy release has been announced for February 10, 2023
  • Owl Post: DisKid gives an opinion on the Deathly Hallows video games (they’re bad!) and Hadley sends in a trip report.
  • “We don’t accept dollars, only Wizard Bucks.”
  • Main Discussion: Scenes 10-14 in the screenplay. 
  • Credence is not subtle.
  • This is the shot of Neuschwanstein Castle Ann is inelegantly referring to. 
  • It’s important that Aberforth has a beard.
  • Everyone’s eyeing each other in this movie.
  • Where is the blood troth going??
  • We debate if Dumbledore is more Merlin or Vader.
  • Time-Turner: Nuremberg, Germany
  • Nuremberg post-bombing
  • Next meet-up location?

Podcast Question: Why do you think the blood troth flies away from Dumbledore?

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