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  • Everything is fine 🙂
  • Thanks to this week’s Patreon supporter, Bailey!
  • Harry Potter: Magic at Play is opening in Chicago on 11/11. 
  • It all sounds great but most importantly there’s going to be BUTTERBEER.
  • Harry Potter: The Forbidden Forest Experience is also opening in Washington, D.C. on October 29. Tickets are on-sale now.
  • It’s very spoopy. 
  • Rumors are flying about a possible Dumbledore series on HBO Max, produced by and starring Jude Law. 
  • “It’s monster of the week but the monster is Pickett.”
  • Owl Post: Friend of the pod Albert (n/k/a Owl-bert) sends us some info and speculation about Hogwarts Legacy and a possible sequel. 
  • It’s all in the DLC.
  • leslecturesdepopy from Instagram writes in from about their dream deleted scenes – weddings and more politics! 
  • Jacob’s wedding menu: fancy looks and bread.
  • Main Discussion: The Secrets of Dumbledore screenplay!
  • “Dangerous times favor dangerous men … and women… and Wizarding persons of indeterminate gender!”
  • (I’m not cross-stitching all that.)
  • Fix-It Steve!
  • New plan: we make Amy do it all. 
  • Chillin’ like a Cillian?
  • Whoosh! Spells! Billowing! 
  • Newtcase: The Naga! 
  • Is there, perhaps, a connection to a character in Fantastic Beasts? Hmmm…

Podcast Question: Do you like the behind-the-scenes information we got in the screenplay or would you prefer just the actual screenplay?

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