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  • Welcome back to our graphic designer, Carolyn!
  • Happy birthday to Ann’s dad, Ray!
  • Thanks to this week’s Patreon supporter, Lauren S.!
  • Phoenix Register: we were on the BBC! Check it out here at the 34 minute mark.
  • Amy and Lizzie went to the Forbidden Forest Experience! Check out Amy’s video of it here.
  • The giant wands are officially landing at the WB Studio Tour in Leavesden. 
  • What are lumens??
  • The second Wizarding World attraction at Epic Universe has been canceled.
  • Theme park chat from 13:00 – 20:45 if you want to go into Epic Universe completely unspoiled.
  • (Despite our best efforts, it DOES get too inside baseball.)
  • Raise a wand for Robbie Coltrane.
  • Owl Post: Jack writes in about … TRAINS! 
  • Main Discussion: Scenes 33-36 in the screenplay 
  • Aberforth needs to share his cleaning recommended with us, stat. 
  • As promised, “Do You Know What It’s Like,” from Zanna, Don’t!
  • McGonagall can teach ANYTHING. 
  • Aberforth: YIKES.
  • Special Segment: Amy and Lizzie interview Heather McGill, producer and creative director of Unify, one of the companies behind the Forbidden Forest Experience.
  • Heather talks Easter eggs, exclusive merch, and Hogwarts treats!

Podcast Question: How do you think magical texting works?

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