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  • Welcome back to Liz from our social media team!
  • Thanks to this week’s Patreon supporter, Adrien C.!
  • Phoenix Register: Ann’s salty!
  • Variety: David Zaslav Open to Deal with J.K. Rowling for More Harry Potter Content
  • Time really has become meaningless. 
  • There’s nothing actively in development for the Wizarding World at Warner Brothers – what does this mean for Fantastic Beasts?
  • Owl Post: Owl-bert (aka Albert from the Wizarding World Podcast) writes and asks us who we’d like to see running the Wizarding World franchise.
  • Fun fact: math wasn’t invented until 2009
  • Amy should do it if we’re all being honest with ourselves.
  • Main Discussion: Scenes 37 – 41 of the screenplay 
  • Credence is a Millennial, confirmed.
  • We try to figure out how Divination works. 
  • “Haven’t seen any stray hotties around here, bye.”
  • Jacob’s back must be sore from carrying this movie.
  • Dumbledore definitely sneaks vapes to Hogwarts students. 
  • Time-Turner: Mirrors and magic!
  • We also offer useful hotel safety tips on how to avoid ghosts and ninjas.
  • John Dee’s obsidian mirror (image courtesy of Wikipedia)
  • Someone please help Liz spiritually cleanse herself.

Podcast Question:Who would you like to see as ‘the new face’ of the Wizarding World branch of WB?”

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