Hosts Aurelia, Shannen, and guest host Katy, are back with the first SpeakBeasty episode of 2018! Catch their discussion about all the new stills recently released, some of the strangest theories for the upcoming sequel, and prepare for the return of a super spooky creature in The Newt Case!

Episode 53: Newt Is a Bond Girl


This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Katy is back to guest host!
The Phoenix Register: More new photos!
→ “The moustache has gotta go.”
→ O Dumby, my Dumby!
→ Tina = new James Bond.
→ “In the last one, the bank explodes.”
→ Kiss the Dementor cook.
→ “Professor! Language!”
→ Classic egg thievery.
→ What was Fawkes really thinking?
→ This rejected theory brought to you by MATH!
The Newt Case: Lou Carcolh!
→ Newt has the entirety of France in his case.

Podcast Question: What are your thoughts on our weird theories we found?

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