Episode 80: How I Met Your Father

Join hosts Aureo, Lizzie, and Shannen for our first octogenarian episode!

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ We’re so international!
→ Phoenix Register: There will be new beasts in FB3!!!
→ Owl Post: Credence’s queer coding, thanks to our pal Ezra. Plus, MACUSA needs to sort out their priorities.
→ Lizzie’s sister used to flush her head down the loo.
→ Exploring Newt and Theseus’s relationship!
→ Are they hiring for the position of putting freckles on Callum’s face?
→ “Who doesn’t like goats?”
→ “Sometimes you need to go far away from your family.”
→ Will we see more of Theseus?
→ “I killed my brother in the womb.” – Grindelwald
→ Newt Case: The Poukai! (Basically a bird-lion. King of the jungle.)

Podcast Question: How do you think the Goldstein sisters’ relationship is going to change?

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