Episode 81: The “C” Word

Join hosts Amy, Lizzie, and Megan as they discuss the power of certain words.

This time on SpeakBeasty

→ Happy Palentine’s Day!
→ Listen to our show and forget about the Oscars. 
→ Bonus episode where Amy talks about her day at work. 
→ Owl Post: Sibling guilt is so real. 
→ The power of words!
→ “Coward” has to be a theme for a reason.
→ Queenie being called “crazy” seems to be what pushes her over the edge.
→ “Harry and the Squad” 
→ “Why couldn’t you have just stayed calm for once, instead of flying off the handle?” 
→ Are there similarities between Snape and Jacob?
→ “HBD to my fave coward, MK.” 
→ “Sign me up for 100 years of therapy.” 
→ “I’d rather be loca than crazy.” 
→ “To quote Hercules…” 
→ The Newt Case: #JusticeForAntonio
→ “And there’s your Hamilton connection for today.” 

Podcast Question: What do you think the importance is behind the themes of words like “crazy” and “coward” and their effects in the Wizarding World?

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