Episode 81: The “C” Word

Join hosts Amy, Lizzie, and Megan as they discuss the power of certain words. This time on SpeakBeasty… → Happy Palentine’s Day!→ Listen to our show and forget about the Oscars. → Bonus episode where Amy talks about her day at work. → Owl Post: Sibling guilt is so real. → The power of words!→ “Coward” has to be a theme for a reason.→ Queenie…

Episode 31: #GravesLives

In which we talk about Tina Goldstein & why we think Graves is basically Barb from ‘Stranger Things’.

Episode 5: We Ship Newtina

In which hosts Aaron, Ariel, and Shannen – and new host Eleanor from Australia – celebrate Valentine’s Day with a discussion on Newt and Porpentina’s relationship (Newtina? Porpenewt?), the possibility of wizarding world gangsters, and the questionable romantic practices of the Shapeshifting community.