Episode 42: You’re Doing Amazing, Tina

Join Elayna, Megan, and Michael for an episode with all the answers to the universe! Well, maybe not quite, but Episode 42 is pretty fun. Don’t miss their discussion on fairies, why women (both people and characters) have to work harder to prove themselves, and why it would be an honor to be punched in the face by Tina Goldstein.

Episode 42: You’re Doing Amazing, Tina


This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ We’ve got the answers to the universe.
→ The Phoenix Register: “We’ve reached peak MuggleNet Live!”
→ “Mary Grandpre is the OG.”
→ Manticores on Chopped?
→ “Did I need it? Nope. Did I buy it? Yep.”
→ Alfonso Croissant, our newest Niffler.
→ Secret magic circus tents.
→ “THIS. But with WANDS.”
→ Why must women work twice as hard to prove themselves?
→ If only Tina could punch us in the face…
→ “He’s just BUSY.”
→ The Indiana Jones of teeth.
→ Hermione… Mother of House Elves.
→ The Time-Turner: More historical Wizard Cards!
→ Mirabella Plunkett. WOMP.
→ The Newt Case: Fairies!
→ Fairy dolphin people are a thing.

PODCAST QUESTION: Do you think Tina has a narrative advantage over Hermione because she is the main character’s love interest?

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  1. Diskid says:

    I have to admit, I am curious about what Skender has as a wizarding circus owner and exactly what the “freak show” is. I really hope the answer to the “human oddities” in the freak show isn’t that the guy is some sort of human experimenter and actually manages to go far with it because he is a wizard! That’s plain morbid, but I can see a wizard taking it to the next level above what muggles did for real “freak shows” around this time period. Dark history with those shows.


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