Join hosts Amy, Lizzie, and Michael, as well as special guest, Mike Schubert of Potterless!

→ Check out Potterless for a non-rose-tinted-glasses approach to the Potter series with no previous nostalgia.
→ Don’t be racist! 
Phoenix Register: Amy and Lizzie waited 8 hours to ride the new Hagrid coaster. 
Owl Post: Representation, it’s not that hard! 
→ Idris Elba as Grindelwald? Yes please. 
Main Discussion: Has Fantastic Beasts enticed an new generation of people to explore Potter? What are some similarities and differences between the characters?
→ “The real beasts are the friends we made along the way”
→ “Oh no – he hasn’t seen the sequel.”
→ Is Filch Gunther or Mr. Heckles?
→ “Hagrid is gorgeous, how dare you.”
→ Does Fantastic Beasts stand alone as a series or can you only enjoy it after you’ve read Harry Potter?
Time Turner: The Potter family! 
→ “Sorry Grandma, your last name is Fleamont, so…”
→ “The Confundables are so confounding.”
→ What’s on the horizon for Potterless
→ We say goodbye to our dear friend and host, Michael, as he moves on to pursue other adventures. 

Podcast question: Is Fantastic Beasts using Harry Potter to keep its audience captivated, and if so, how?