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  • Tales from Quarantine!
  • Phoenix Register: New Wizards Unite game features, new audiobooks narrated by Jude Law, and sneak peeks of the MinaLima illustrated edition of Sorcerer’s Stone.
  • “I haven’t touched his face, my bad.”
  • Owl Post: Fancy creative Grindelwald magic!
  • We continue our Crimes of Grindelwald movie breakdown.
  • Who are these people?
  • “It wasn’t half of New York, I measured it.”
  • “Smells like a teenager!”
  • “Who is this guy and why is he allowed to lurk at ministry hearings?”
  • “Are they going to kiss?”
  • Petition for a Ministry section of UO!
  • “Also, he kills babies! He’s the worst!”
  • This is Amy’s favorite scene in the entire movie.
  • “Aha, I would love a body-less handshake.”

Podcast Question: Do you think that knowing a minor character’s name in a movie is important? If so, how do you think they should have been introduced?

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