This time on SpeakBeasty

  • We welcome new host Rex to the show!
  • The Phoenix Register: Shannen reiterates SpeakBeasty’s support for our trans family.
  • Helene reiterates SpeakBeasty’s support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, as well as shares our plans moving forward with donating Patreon funds towards helping our POC and trans communities.
  • Owl Post: The Occamy. Do they have horns or not?!
  • We dive deep into our continuation of the Crimes of Grindelwald movie breakdown.
  • Cinematography- kinda like wearing a Go-Pro.
  • Nagini’s senses when entering the house… are there spooky vibes or is it her snake senses?
  • AVADA KEDAVRA Maxima! Right?
  • Obscuriuses…Obscuri?
  • The fantastic beasts are the Hermiones of this movie. They are pivotal and nothing would have happened without them.
  • Rex realizes that Pickett’s name is “pick-it” for a reason…
  • Kama has some super cool tricks.

Podcast Question: How did Mary Lou Barebone end up with Corvus/Credence?

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