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  • We’re still workshopping festive titles.
  • Thanks to our Patreon supporter for this episode, JY!
  • Phoenix Register: Chris Columbus is interested in making a Cursed Child movie with the original cast.
  • “He’s made some bad movies. Who hasn’t?”
  • Keep an eye out for Geoff on TV Trivia Pod, dropping in December!
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  • Main Discussion: The new squad!
  • Theseus is “Mr. Steal-Yo-Person-in-General.”
  • You GOTTA have a Dumbledore on the roof.
  • The Wizarding world is a security nightmare.
  • Geoff is a snake and graduated snake school.
  • “You said Civil War but my brain heard Winter Soldier??”
  • Tina wants to fight.
  • Newtcase: Doxys!
  • Don’t Google them without SafeSearch on.
  • Flouncing is to be encouraged, flailing is never advisable.

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Podcast Question: Which member of the new squad is your favorite?

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