Hosts Ariel, Elayna, and Shannen are joined by special guest host Aaron to celebrate SpeakBeasty’s first birthday! To celebrate one whole year of podcasting about Fantastic Beasts, we’re bringing you a total throwback episode, looking at what theories we got right and wrong, and discussing some of our favorite moments together!

*WARNING: This episode has MAJOR spoilers for Fantastic Beasts!*

Episode 26: The Importance of Being Credence


This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Aaron is back to guest host!
→ Submit your smash cake videos.
→ Shannen is a British baby.
→ “Why is this tomato on my PB&J?”
→ is LIVE!
→ Richard Ayoade for Dumbledore!
→ Is the Swooping Evil master of the Elder Wand?
→ We predicted Pokemon Go.
→ “Run outside and grab a squirrel.”
→ Moment of silence for Newt’s tea kettle.
→ Dwyane Johnson as Grindelwald?
→ Hodags and Hide-Behinds, our newest band.
→ “The Newt Case”: The Tarasque!
→ “It’s the fruit salad of beasts.”

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