Episode 26: The Importance of Being Credence

Hosts Ariel, Elayna, and Shannen are joined by special guest host Aaron to celebrate SpeakBeasty’s first birthday! To celebrate one whole year of podcasting about Fantastic Beasts, we’re bringing you a total throwback episode, looking at what theories we got right and wrong, and discussing some of our favorite moments together!

*WARNING: This episode has MAJOR spoilers for Fantastic Beasts!*

Episode 26: The Importance of Being Credence


This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Aaron is back to guest host!
→ Submit your smash cake videos.
→ Shannen is a British baby.
→ “Why is this tomato on my PB&J?”
→ Speakbeasty.com is LIVE!
→ Richard Ayoade for Dumbledore!
→ Is the Swooping Evil master of the Elder Wand?
→ We predicted Pokemon Go.
→ “Run outside and grab a squirrel.”
→ Moment of silence for Newt’s tea kettle.
→ Dwyane Johnson as Grindelwald?
→ Hodags and Hide-Behinds, our newest band.
→ “The Newt Case”: The Tarasque!
→ “It’s the fruit salad of beasts.”

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  1. DisKid says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t notice that Johnny Depp was Grindelwald at first?? I didn’t notice at all until the credits! I usually have a sharp eye, now I feel like I need my glasses checked.


    1. I completely agree!! I was fooled by the David’s when they said that you only see Johnny Depp for a hot second. So I was like, “No Graves can’t be Grindelwald. The David’s wouldn’t lie to us, they’re faithful and loyal fans!” I was bamboozled!!


  2. #4HouseHatstallProblems says:

    In regard to the houses equivalents in the muggle world, historically black fraternities and sororities are absolutely the muggle equivalent. In the black frat/sorority world there are nine main organizations that have a proud history, may run in families and have both positive and negative stereotypes that attract specific types of personalities.
    Parents usually urge their children toward the same group. There are many families, like the Weasley’s, where all men/women are in the same organization. Members have deep pride in the organization to which they belong and it can be quite cliche, if a son/daughter chooses a different organization than they parent. These organizations all have lifetime memberships where no one member is allowed to change and/or join another frat/sorority. In this culture, similarly to what happens at Hogwarts and Ilvermony, the presentation of new members is secret/unknown to the public until a public presentation ceremony. At schools it is normal for members of all organizations attend these public shows to greet the new members and welcome them into “greekdom.” In these presentations, each individual is covered up, reveals themselves to great applause and dances with fellow members of the group. Once it is known publicly that one is in one of these frat/sororities, that member is prejudged based on the stereotypes, both good and bad, of the organization. The person represents that organization for life and in theory has friends in that organization for life just like the wizarding world houses. Members choose to hangout with those other member of the same organization as they work so much with them on extracurricular activities.

    After school in the real world, there is a very strong connection between members in these groups. I would even go as far to say that there is a connect and sense of comfort with members of different groups, eg meeting someone who went to Hogwarts but was in a different house.


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