Episode 100: Pun Always Intended

In celebration of this milestone, we are traveling around the world to chat with all of our past and present Beasty family members!

Episode 14: Moonshine with Mitchell

In which we are joined by special guest Mitchell Thornton, one of the actors from the upcoming Fantastic Beasts film! In our interview, find out what set is like on a typical shooting day, and learn just how secretive the actors are required to be!

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Episode 13: The Cursed Episode

In which we discuss how weaponized intertextuality could effect the Fantastic Beasts trilogy, what Broadway would have been like in the magical 1920s, and the problematic idea of letting a hat determine whom you'll be for the rest of your life.

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Episode 8: Putting the Sass in Sasquatch

In which we discuss the intricacies of American wandmaking, the fact that all the creatures of Fantastic Beasts will be CGI, and how Dorcus Twelvetrees ruined pretty much everything for everyone.

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Episode 7: Porpentina Ate a Bagel

In which our hosts delve into a discussion highlighting the first two "History of Magic in North America" pieces on Pottermore, what constitutes canon in the Fantastic Beasts universe, and the strange/slightly sketchy origins of Ilvermorny.

By |2019-07-29T12:38:51-04:00March 13th, 2016|Aaron, Ariel, Episodes, Michael, Shannen|0 Comments


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