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  • The world is ending!
  • Phoenix Register: Wholesome actors reading things to us is our favorite.
  • Helene is a small boi.
  • “Credence Barebone Lestrange Scamander Dumbledore.”
  • Owl Post: Is Dumbledore a coward?
  • Queenie and Jacob make questionable decisions out of love.
  • A mini Time Turner about hair dryers! You’re welcome.
  • Newt is the original hipster.
  • Circus Arcanus vibes vs. Diagon Alley vibes
  • Would you have felt differently about the Nagini storyline if you hadn’t known about it beforehand?
  • Is Credence a circus janitor?
  • “The circus packs up and turns into a frisbee.”
  • “I would mace that guy for sure.”
  • Tycho Dodonus is Megan’s boyfriend.

Podcast Question: Why do you think Credence is the key to victory?

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